Quora: 5 Reasons to Love It

If you were a fan of Yahoo! Answers, you need to check out 

For those of you who have never heard of Quora, it is a Q&A site (founded by former Facebook employees) that aggregates questions and answers based on topics. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other users’ answers.

So why should you be on Quora?

1. Quora users are REAL PEOPLE.  Unlike Yahoo!Answers, Quora users identify themselves with their real name and picture. Accountability has a great way of keeping conversations civilized, it is rare to see on Quora the kind of vitriol you’d normally see in Yahoo!Answers or in the comment section of Youtube.

But wait, doesn’t forcing users to use their real name pressure users to focus only on PC topics

After all, few people would be comfortable with asking politically/racially/culturally sensitive questions for fear of reprisals from bosses or coworkers that may be on Quora. There are also very personal questions that users may feel uncomfortable answering in public, but are willing to answer anonymously (What does it feel like to steal? etc.)  Fortunately for this very reason, you can both post and answer questions anonymously.  This allows users to open up and post very personal answers that they wouldn’t feel comfortable posting publicly.

2. Quora has a great validation system.   Answers can be voted up or down, with highly rated answers appearing at the top of the answers list.  Other users can validate a great answer.

3. Quora has a “Get and Give” policy. Asking questions on Quora requires the use of in-site credits, which users can earn by answering questions. This policy ensures that Quora users all contribute to discussions on Quora, and are not simply spamming the site with questions.

4. The influencers are on Quora.  Influencers in SEM, SMM, SEO, Law, Politics, Biology and many other fields are on Quora. I find the site a great way to find authorities on subjects that I’d like to find out more about. For example, I recently posted a question on Quora regarding Chinese language, and received this great answer from a language student

5. You can ask questions about key influencers and sometimes they will answer your question!